This Year’s First Student Recital March 9, 2019

(from the printed program, March 9, 2019, student recital)


Thank you very much for coming to my students’ first concert this year, even though you are busy.

Last year, I performed concerts and recitals in various places. Perhaps because of an occupational hazard common to vocal performers, I had polyps on my vocal cords. As a performer of shinnai joururi, I was very concerned. At every performance, I felt that I was skating on thin ice. I was mentally prepared to undergo surgery after this year’s New Year’s events were concluded, but after my physician examined me, he told me that the polyps had shrunk, so that surgery was no longer necessary. Apparently this is an unusual outcome. I am very relieved.

I expect to do my best for shinnai this year.

I sincerely hope that you will stay and enjoy all of today’s performances.


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