Listen to Interviews with Wakasanojo: Streaming Service

Interviews with Tsuruga Wakasanojo XI are being distributed by the Internet audio distribution service LisBo.
The theme of the five-interview series is “Kagurazaka and Shinnai”.
In a conversational format, Wakasanojo talks with Mr. Hiroshi Nagaoka, the publisher of the Kagurazaka Community Magazine (Kaguramura).
LisBo is a flat-rate streaming service that can be listened to on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
The interviews are between 1 and 2 hours long. Samples (approximately 7 minutes each) can be listened to for free.
The interviews are in Japanese, only.
The first three interviews:
“Kagurazaka and Me”
“What is Shinnai?”
“Performing Before the Emperor and Overseas”
Other speakers are also available at this website.
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Or contact Tsuruga Isekichi, 090-5390-2447.

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