Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo

(from the printed program, August 31, 2019, Yukata Kai)

Thank you very much for coming to our concert even though hot summer days like today make us feel tired.
I have my students perform in a recital twice a year. The first such concert in the New Year is generally scheduled in late February or early March. The other, a yukata kai, is held near the end of summer.
Shinnai students enjoy daily keiko (training), but performing in public what they have learned increases their motivation. In addition, their skill is improved through the special tense experience of performing before an audience.
Here’s a fact!! The premiere performance of a work I have written has become an annual event at the yukata kai. This time, the story is based on an amusing rakugo tale. I call it “Oyama Sankei Sodo”. Eleven people will be performing it.
Please enjoy all of today’s special performances by my students, from beginners to the most senior students

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