Creating New Shinnai Works

Tsuruga Wakasanojo, Chairman, Shinnai Association

The sad fact that the traditional cultural arts of Japan are disappearing is well known. The performance of Japanese traditional music is one of the arts that is disappearing. Concern about that has been expressed for a long time. Although some people are optimistic about the future of traditional Japanese music, I am anxious about it and perhaps even too pessimistic.
Apart from that general problem, we must think about innovative ways to maintain and develop shinnai. One solution is to create new shinnai works. Using the old music as a base, we should prepare new pieces that everyone can understand, with content that is enjoyable and easy to listen to.
What is now classical music was, at first, new. It’s not possible to create an instant masterpiece, but it’s important to keep trying so as to open the door to shinnai more widely. That will, at the same time, give audiences an opportunity to appreciate the classical works.
Shinnai performers understand the importance of having new pieces, and are working hard to create them. That is the significance of having new works included in today’s performance, in addition to the usual classical ones.
In this challenging environment, the Shinnai Association is seriously taking on the task of the further development of shinnai so as to increase the chances that the genre will continue in the future.
Thank you for your support.

(from the printed program, February 28, 2016, concert)
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