The way of life-long training

Tsuruga Wakasanojo
Chairman, Shinnai Association

(from the printed program, September 27, 2015, concert)

People say, “In life, there are good times and bad”, and “Comfort is a source of discomfort, and discomfort is a source of comfort”. If we tolerate discomfort and continue to make an effort, sooner or later we will have better days. If we only pursue pleasure and lazily spend our days without making an effort to work hard, sooner or later we will have some hardship. Comfort and discomfort have a reciprocal relationship, and so the results are obvious.
In every type of art, we should practice hard while we are young, and, through pain and effort, refine our technique. We should do this while our brains can still learn, just as we should “strike while the iron is hot”….
As the years pass, the decline of everything makes me very sad. Another saying is: “A young man soon gets old before finishing his studies; don’t use your time casually, even for a moment.” While we’re young, let’s devote every spare moment to polishing our technique. We should work on improving our sensibility, increasing our sensitivity, and maintaining our interest and curiosity in what’s around us.
As long as we are alive, we should continue our efforts to improve and attempt to reach the peak of our art, even though we cannot achieve that goal.
Whether performing artists are young or old, that should be their never-ending spirit. Training is painful and tough, but it is also enjoyable. Art is profound and difficult. Therefore, it is both pleasurable and painful. I hope to continue pursuing my art and never give up.

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