Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo
(from the printed program, September 5, 2021, Yukata Kai)

September 5, 2021, Yukata Kai It is now almost two years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, many people have experienced difficulties and hardships.
It is a difficult time for performers, as well. I am grateful that, even so, we are able to hold our annual Yukata Kai.
When I wrote a new work for this year’s concert, I kept in mind my hopes for the future and a desire to always remember humor. This year’s work is titled Juni’shi Nagaya Aki no Utage.
Also this afternoon, Shinmaru Kokontei, a rakugoka who has a close relationship to the Tsuruga school of shinnai, will join Isekichi in performing my shinnai adaptation of a classic rakugo tale, Shibahama.
During these difficult times, the shinnai students have continued their studies. I hope that you will enjoy today’s concert.
Starting last year, videos of our shinnai concerts have been uploaded to YouTube. You can see them on Isekichi’s YouTube channel.
Let’s work hard to overcome the pandemic, and remember to hope

Note added after the concert:
Videos of all the numbers performed can be found at:

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