Interviews with Wakasanojo: Audio Streaming Series

Interviews with Tsuruga Wakasanojo XI are being distributed by the Internet audio distribution service LisBo.
The theme of the five-interview series is “Kagurazaka and Shinnai”.
In a conversational format, Wakasanojo talks with Mr. Hiroshi Nagaoka, the publisher of the Kagurazaka community magazine Kaguramura.
LisBo is a flat-rate streaming service that can be listened to on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
The interviews are approximately 1 hour long. Samples (approximately 7 minutes each) can be listened to for free.
The interviews are entirely in Japanese.
The interviews:
“Kagurazaka and Me”
“What is Shinnai?”
“Performing Before the Emperor and Overseas”
“Mysterious Encounters That Color the Art of Shinnai”
“The Future of Shinnai”
Other interviews are also available on the LisBo website.
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