Revival of Shinnai in a Milestone Year

(From the printed program, February 28, 2015, concert)

If the Showa calendar were continuing now, this would be the 90th year in the Showa system. Furthermore, it is a milestone year, because this year marks 70 years since the end of World War II.
Triggered by its defeat in the war, great changes have occurred in Japan. Our daily lives have become comfortable. No one can foresee how far people will go in the pursuit of their self-interest from now on.
However, even if material civilization progresses further, people cannot truly live if they have lost their culture. We should be conscious of the great power that culture has.
In this milestone year, the Shinnai Association has decided to revive a concert format that was discontinued some years ago. In recent years, only the iemoto have performed, but in the restored format, starting with today’s event, young shinnai artists will also be performing. We hope that this will promote the development of shinnai.
In order for the shinnai traditions that we have inherited to continue, it is important to hold many concerts.
On behalf of all of those who love shinnai, it is my deepest hope that the traditional Japanese narrative form of beautiful shinnai music that we have inherited will be passed on to future generations.
Thank you for your continuing support and cooperation.
Tsuruga Wakasanojo
President, Shinnai Association
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