Job opening for strikers of the wooden clappers at shinnai performances

(From the printed program, December 8, 2013)

Now that the third Tori-no-ichi (Festival of the Rooster) of November is over and December has started, everyone has become extremely busy.

This year, there was a lot of damage from floods. Rather than the causes being natural disasters, the floods must be due to the abnormal climate that is a result of people’s activities. It is becoming difficult to live on this earth.

What kind of year did you have? I hope that this year will end peacefully.

An essential part of the performance of every shinnai work is the sound of the striking of wooden clappers at the beginning and end of the work. The important role of striking the clappers has for many years been filled by Shinnai Ume’hachi’dayu. Sadly, he passed away this past summer. The Shinnai Association has a serious problem, as we have no successor to take over this role. If no clapper strikes before and after the performance of a shinnai number, the performance seems incomplete and unfinished. Thus, the Shinnai Association is searching for someone to fill this job. Striking the clappers is not so easy, but, on the other hand, not so difficult. After some practice, anyone can do it. Doing this job for the Shinnai Association provides a modest income. Moreover, because striking the clappers is not physically demanding, people holding this position can participate in shinnai performances regardless of their age. This is a valuable opportunity to cooperate with shinnai professionals in contributing to traditional Japanese culture, and it is also a pleasant thing to do. If you are interested, please contact the Shinnai Association. We hope to find several people to share this important job.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo
President, Shinnai Association

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