Angry Nature

(From the printed program, Shinnai Association-sponsored July 30, 2017, concert)

Floods due to torrential rains have produced heavy damage in various parts of Japan, and the lives of many people were affected. Especially in Kyushu, people had a difficult time because an earthquake that caused extensive damage was followed by the severe heat of summer. I pray for the souls of those who lost their lives in these disasters, and express my heartfelt sympathies to all those affected.
Setting aside the consequences of earthquakes, flooding has been occurring all over the world, not just in Japan. This surely must be a consequence of global warming. The Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is not being fully realized due to opposition by two major powers, the United States and China. If the earth’s climate continues to change, humans will, sooner or later, become extinct.
This may be the way to end mankind’s insatiable desires. Nature is angry, and the earth is crying.
Although in the past, the traditional fears of Japanese were “earthquakes, thunderstorms, fires, and father”, the fears of people in the present days are earthquakes, thunderstorms, fires, and floods. These result from people’s greed. I wish that “insatiable pursuit and endless passion” were limited to the world of the arts.
Thank you for coming to today’s performance despite the hot weather. Please take care to avoid heat stroke.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo, President, Shinnai Association

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