Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo

(from the printed program, March 4, 2017, student recital)

Pleasant days with mild spring temperatures have ben continuing.
There seems to be a lot of turbulence in the world. Please join us this afternoon for an experience of the special character of Edo Period Japan.
Having shinnai as a hobby demonstrates a love of this performance art. Students always start by learning Rancho, but it’s not easy to memorize a 20-minute work. The students each learn at their own pace, but by performing on stage, they all will improve considerably. Being challenged to perform in front of an audience naturally makes students’ practice become more serious.
Today’s concert includes a range of performers from those performing shinnai on stage for the first time to experienced performers. All of them have been practicing seriously and joyfully. Students’ performances have a different quality from those of professionals.
Please enjoy the concert from beginning to end.

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