Creating New Shinnai Works

Tsuruga Wakasanojo, President, Shinnai Association

It is sad but true that the traditional cultural arts of Japan are disappearing. This is well known. Among those traditional arts are the musical performing arts. For a long time, people have worried that those arts will become extinct. Some people are optimistic and don’t worry about this trend, but, even though I may be too pessimistic, I’ve been expressing my misgivings about this situation.
Whatever the reason is for this crisis, we must consider how to make a breakthrough in the development of shinnai, as well as in the maintenance of its traditions. Creating new shinnai works is one important solution. Based on the classical melodies, we are presenting new works with content that people can easily understand and enjoy. The classics, when they were first performed, were also new. Even though it is not easy to create a masterpiece immediately, it is important to widen the doors of shinnai by repeated trial and error, so that, though our efforts, people will gradually be exposed to the splendor of the classical works.
Shinnai performers understand the importance of having new works, and are making efforts to create them. In today’s concert, based on that point of view, the artists will be performing both classical works and new ones. In the current challenging environment, we at the Shinnai Association are working seriously to maintain and develop the shinnai genre.
Thank you for your support and cooperation.

(from the printed program, October 2, 2016)
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