Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shinnai Yukata Kai 2016

Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo

This summer was exciting because of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, wasn’t it. I was encouraged by the Japanese athletes’ performance.
The fragrance of summer is lingering into September. Thank you for coming today despite the heat.
On November 20, I will hold a special concert in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the birth of Tsuruga Wakasanojo I. However, before that, I wanted to give my students a chance to show you the results of their regular practice, so I’m holding this Yukata Kai as I do every year.
The performers, from beginners to veterans, will make their best effort. Today, my new work, Suigetsu Jowa, will be performed for the first time.
Please relax and enjoy the whole event.

(from the printed program for the September 4, 2016, student concert)
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