Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo

Tsuruga Wakasanojo XI at the Yukata Kai (from the printed program, September 5, 2020, Yukata Kai)

Everyone in the world is upset because of the dangerous new coronavirus. Invisible enemies are the most frightening ones. This has become a difficult time. Even after the pandemic is under control, there will be major changes in our social system and in all aspects of our life.
Thank you very much for coming to our concert at such a difficult time.
We are taking all possible measures to ensure your safety and to make today’s concert enjoyable. I hope that this will enable you to listen to the concert without concern. I would like today’s concert to be a joyful experience for you.
These days, people tend to stay home. Please relieve some of your stress while you are here today.
I’m pleased to tell you that today’s performance is being recorded. It will be available for a while on YouTube. For information about the YouTube link and the time period in which the video will be accessible, please contact Isekichi.
Tel: 090-5390-2447

Note added after the concert:
Videos of all the numbers performed can be found at:
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