Holding a concert during the war against the coronavirus

The coronavirus suddenly terrified the whole world and changed society. It has been almost a year since the coronavirus started to spread, but instead of the disease ending, the number of infected people is increasing. How are you doing?
We pay close attention to coronavirus infection preventive measures every day, but I am concerned about the mental stress associated with this crisis. Fear of catching the disease has forced us to refrain from socializing with others, to endure not eating or drinking outside of our homes, and to limiting our activities. Many people find that staying at home day after day is nerve-wracking. Some people have even become mentally ill.
I decided to hold a concert during this difficult time in order to deliver nourishment, comfort, and enjoyment to the body and soul of the those in the audience, and to offer a hope of life to the sorrowful world. Through the performing arts, we can increase our vitality and even improve our immunity. Our effort to promote our artistic spirit aims to be competitive with the coronavirus.
In this evening’s concert, two works based on Heike Hiwa: Fue Monogatari (Tragic Tale of the Heike: Stories of the Flute) will be performed. The first is the classic work Ichinotani Futaba Gunki: Kumi’uchi (Chronicle of the Fight at Ichinotani), and the other, a contemporary shinnai-style work, Yokobue: Takiguchi Nyudo (The Flute: Takiguchi Nyudo).
Ichinotani Futaba Gunki will be presented in two parts. The first part will be performed by Tsuruga Isefani; the second part, by Tsuruga Ise’ryutayu and Tsuruga Ise’matsuba. Yokobue: Takiguchi Nyudo will be performed by Tsuruga Wakasanojo and Tsuruga Isekichi, with narration by Kondo Yosuke and Tsuruga Isekichi. Supporting them will be the dancer Hanayagi Kihi, the flute player Mochizuki Misaho, and the biwa player Tsuruyama Kyokusho.
Thank you very much for coming tonight in the midst of the war against the coronavirus and ahead of tomorrow’s Tori No Ichi Fair, at which people will wish for good health and good fortune.
I hope that you enjoy the concert.
Let’s not succumb to the coronavirus pandemic.
May the rest of this year be good for you.

Note added after the concert:
Videos of the works performed can be found at:

(from the printed program, Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shinnai Concert, Kioi Hall, Tokyo, November 25, 2020)

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