Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shinnai Yukata Kai 2015

A Message from Tsuruga Wakasanojo

(From the printed program for the September 6, 2015, student concert)

Thank you very much for coming today.
This past summer, the terrible heat continued day after day. Somehow, I survived without succumbing to exhaustion from the heat.
Looking back over the past year, I had a string of major events, including, overseas, the performances in France, and, domestically, the introduction of new natori at the National Theatre and my performance that day with Sachiko Kobayashi. As for me personally, I was delighted to perform at the National Theatre with my daughter and, for the first time anywhere, with three of my grandchildren. I was filled with joy.
Today’s Yukata Kai includes the first performance of a humorous work that I’ve written, based on a rakugo story. The performance includes the puppetry of the Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo Troupe. You can expect to see the excellent results of my students’ hard practice on this number at our retreat in Yamagata.
In addition, two students of Hanayagi Kihi – my granddaughter Mariko and Kihi-san’s niece Kurumi – will perform a lovely Japanese traditional dance together. My grandson Keigo, who is now in the sixth grade of elementary school, will perform the shinnai work, Kaerizaka Nagori no Inochige.
All of today’s performers have practiced very hard in preparation for this concert.
Please relax and enjoy the whole event.
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