Lessons in Summer’s Heat and Winter’s Cold

(From the printed program, August 2, 2015, concert)

Since the end of the rainy season, it has been terribly hot everywhere on the Japanese archipelago.
In the past, there was a special expression that referred to taking lessons at the worst times of the year: “lessons in summer’s intense heat and winter’s bitter cold”.
I can easily imagine that, because there were no air conditioning or heating units in those days, lessons must have been quite tough for the students. But difficult training conditions produce performers who have excellent skills. Gentle, leisurely lessons are not real lessons, but rather are just playing. Not only professionals, but also amateurs, should be strict with themselves and set themselves high standards, and should practice what their teachers have taught them. That way, they will find the true charm and enjoyment that lies in the depths of artistic performances.
In this transient world, continued effort over a long time enriches our life.
Please continue your looong support of shinnai, even in summer’s intense heat and winter’s bitter cold.
In closing, I hope that you have an enjoyable vacation in August.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo
Chairman, Shinnai Association
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