Inauguration of the Group of Special Advisers for Cultural Exchange

(From the printed program of the April 22, 2015, concert by former Special Advisers for Cultural Exchange)

After the Agency for Cultural Affairs designated us as Special Advisers for Cultural Exchange, each of us visited many places abroad in order to promote our individual missions. When we who had been Special Cultural Envoys got together to drink in friendship, we talked about our feeling that it was wasteful for us, as specialists in various genres who had completed our assignments as Special Envoys, to have no further professional contact. During the time that we had spent overseas, we had many experiences and dealt with various problems such as where we would stay, where we would work, and how we would conduct workshops. We agreed that we should extend this accumulated expertise to those who will succeed us as Special Cultural Envoys. We wanted to establish a community of artists and experts in various fields, common-minded people who share the goals of spreading Japanese culture abroad, deepening the understanding of Japanese culture worldwide, and promoting international friendship and exchange. Thus, we have voluntarily set up a society of former Special Cultural Envoys.
Today’s performance celebrates and commemorates the inauguration of this group.
Although it can be lively and promising to have artists from many genres working together, it is also the case that, when people from various genres get together in the same boat, even though they share a goal, the boat may not sail smoothly. However, we were able to overcome many difficulties, and hence we are able to start today.
“What are the objectives of this new group? What should we do in order to make the group’s activities successful? Can we reach a consensus about our goals? Can we gather sponsors and other supporters who are willing to provide the necessary financing?”
We hope to manage this group with positive attitudes and broadmindedness, so as to contribute to the development of Japanese culture.
Thank you very much for your support.
Tsuruga Wakasanojo
On behalf of the Group of Special Cultural Envoys,
Agency for Cultural Affairs
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