Music is vibrating energy

(From the printed program, September 21, 2014)

Since music is a matter of listening, it comes into the body through the ears and, affecting the five senses, it reaches the hearts and minds of the listeners.
Shamisen music, too, comes into the body through the ears, is recognized as sound, and, as a melody, is transferred to the sensitivity of the heart. And, because sound is transferred by vibrations, it is unlikely that it is received only by the ears. Comfortable vibrating energy must be received as music by listeners’ internal organs, blood, and every cell in their body.
The Japanese word for music, ongaku, is written with characters that mean “enjoying sound”. The pleasant vibration of music can heal the heart.
This is true not only for people; beautiful music also heals grasses and flowers, animals, and water.
The voice and musical instruments produce sound in the same way. We musicians should work diligently to improve our pure and beautiful hearts and our technique and practice every day in order to move our listeners’ hearts.
In that respect, musicians feel happiness, anguish, and responsibility.
Young musicians learn classic techniques from their master in the oral tradition, through their ears.
They must listen carefully, banishing distracting thoughts from their hearts, and be transparent and flexible receivers of the lessons.
Takemoto Gidayu, the originator of the gidayu genre, taught as follows:
“Oral tradition depends on the master, and practice depends on the beauties of nature.” That is a profound lesson.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo

President, Shinnai Association

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