Japan is a Country with Abundant Water

(From the printed program, August 3, 2014)

It’s as if the Japanese archipelago is tortured by water. There is a spring rainy season (natane tsuyu in Japanese), and, after that, another rainy season (tsuyu) in June, typhoons in the summer, an autumn rain front, and snow in the winter. However, it can be said that this abundant water has developed the hearts of the Japanese people. I feel very sorry for people who have been affected by flooding, but the geographic and natural conditions in Japan have cultivated the national character, and from this came Japan’s wonderful culture, arts, and technology.
The air and the water of Japan are the source of everything, including the beauty, kindness, and richness of spirit of the people and the country.
Japan’s superb aesthetics have fostered the Japanese people’s world-acclaimed arts and technology.
When I travel abroad, I realize the excellence of Japan. Shinnai, too, is one of the arts of Japan, beautiful Edo joururi.
I wish that, together with everyone, shinnai would be something that we would love forever.
Thank you very much for coming here today, despite the terribly hot weather.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo

President, Shinnai Association

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