Comments by Tsuruga Wakasanojo from the Printed Program

(December 22, 2012, Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shinnai Recital, Kioi Hall)

Stepping aside from my busy life, this year, too, I went overseas to perform in three countries: Poland and Latvia in July, and Singapore in November.

Because both of those trips were made not at the request of the government of those countries, but rather as a result of offers from local organizations, there were a lot of problems in the preparations before my departure. I have never had that experience before. In particular, the negotiations with the people in Poland were confusing because they had to be done entirely in English. However, when we were actually performing in each country, many pleasant and meaningful meetings furthered cultural exchange.

Today, I am going to perform Dojoji, which was the main work that I performed in those three countries. I arranged this work combining four elements. It is based on the shinnai work Hidakagawa Iri’ai Zakura, to which I added Kane’iri, which is the Noh version of part of that story. The overall performance is a collaboration of four genres: shinnai, Noh, Kuruma Ningyo puppetry, and traditional Japanese dance.

In addition, su-joururi of the famous classic work, Akegarasu Yume Awayuki, will be performed. I will do the first part, and Tsuruga Isekichi will perform the latter part.

Tsuruga Isekichi is the new professional name of Tsuruga Isejiro. Although today’s performance commemorates her name change, a formal name-changing performance will be held later. I hope that you will join us at that time.

Political change has begun in Japan. What kind of social reform will take place next year? The national crisis is likely to continue, but our health is most important.

I sincerely wish you and your family all the best in the coming year. Thank you very much for coming today, even though this is busy time because of the year end.

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