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(December 2, 2012, Shinnai Godo Kenshu Concert, Kagurazaka Theater)

Already there is only one month left in this year. There have been many notable events this past year, both domestically and overseas.

To balance various harsh and sad news, some good news relates to the development of iPS cells by Prof. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University. His research overturned what had been thought to be common sense in the life sciences. From iPS cells can be made many kinds of cells and organs. This is very good news for patients with what had been thought to be incurable diseases. It’s said that this development will result in a revolution in medical treatment.

Maybe this is a sign of human wisdom in god’s territory.

Prof. Yamanaka is 50 years old; that is, he is still young, but he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work. He was also awarded the Order of Culture by the Emperor.

Sometimes when someone receives a medal, we don’t understand the reasons for the selection, but in this case, all Japanese are proud and happy about Prof. Yamanaka’s achievements.

I too was happy to hear this news. If possible, I would like to use iPS cells to change my vocal cords into younger ones. But I wouldn’t want to return my overall skill to what it was when I was younger…

I am proud of the status of Japanese history, culture, entertainment arts, and national character in the world.

Shinnai is among the cultural achievements of Japan. I want to have confidence and pride and take responsibility for our art. I want to ensure its continuation into the future. I want to practice hard.

Only a few days remain in this year. Please spend them cheerfully and have a Happy New Year.

Tsuruga Wakasanojo
Chairman, Shinnai Association

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