Charity Performance for the Benefit of Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Thoughts About This Charity Performance for the Benefit of Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
By Tsuruga Wakasanojo XI, Chairman, Shinnai Association

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the people who lost their lives or are missing as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Also, I would like to express my sincere sympathies to the people who are suffering because of those disasters.

In the afternoon of March 11, there were simultaneously a massive earthquake, a giant tsunami, and the start of problems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This was unprecedented. It was the dawn of a national crisis. It’s said that disasters hit us suddenly, when we have forgotten previous disasters. However, although we had been somewhat prepared, the scale of the damage from the disasters was so great that it vastly exceeded our expectations.

Human beings cannot know the full power of the natural world. We have to realize that we are born in the natural world and we live in that world. We should have great respect for the natural world. We human beings may have been arrogant in our relationship with the natural world because of the development of civilization. It’s important that we analyze this latest natural disaster wisely and carefully, and bring our experience to bear.

Earthquakes are caused by movements within the earth, so they are impossible to prevent. Tsunami, too, are inevitable. However, because we have data on past tsunami, it is possible to lessen the damage from tsunami to some degree by proper preparations.

On the other hand, even though we were not able to prevent serious damage from the nuclear power plant disaster, we shouldn’t say that what occurred there was beyond our expectations. We can understand why this is so by reading books about nuclear power plant safety. The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station was caused mostly by human beings.

The response to the nuclear accident by the government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has been criticized. Their lack of understanding of the prediction that an accident might occur was extremely irresponsible and inadequate.

Damage from the radiation from this accident will affect not only the people living in that area, but also the future prosperity of all of Japan. The Japanese people should be aware that we have had a delusion that we can live in comfort and wealth because of this country’s plentiful resources. Now we have to reduce waste and live modestly without excessive desires. We also have to grapple with problems such as the deterioration of the economy and an inadequate amount of electric power. We should be satisfied with what we have.

Right after the disaster, the Shinnai Association donated one million yen through NHK. From now on also, we, as entertainers, will make an effort to do what is really needed. I’m sure that each of the members of the Shinnai Association will, in his/her own way, support efforts for the recovery from the disaster in the affected area. It seems likely that this crisis is gradually going to affect all the people of Japan.

I have great sympathy for the victims of the disaster. I am at a loss for words to console them when I learn about their misery. The Japanese people have to hope and dream, to make every effort to face the problems of recovery, and to change from disaster to happiness. That is our mission and responsibility. I think that the people of this historical country will exercise their wonderful wisdom and effort with great pride and strong power. I hope that will enable us to restore the Japanese people’s traditional virtues.

I had considered canceling today’s performance because of the current crisis, but instead, I decided to hold the performance as a charity event.

I hope that you will understand and cooperate. Thank you for coming to our performance today.

June 5, 2011 13:00

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