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Shinnai Theater

Wakasanojo is endeavoring to expand the number of shinnai fans through various innovations. “Making the audience happy through seeing and listening” is one of his mottos. His innovative works include shinnai theater, collaborations with the Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo puppet troupe, and a collaboration with a one-man play.

In addition to continuing to perform traditional shinnai works, Wakasanojo has written numerous new compositions and created shinnai music for dance. Recently, he has performed more than 50 of these new works, including Shunkinsho, Takiguchi Nyudo, Takase Fune, Jusan Ya, Chumoncho, Yain no Mori no Naka (based on a fairy tale by Miyakawa Kenji), Ukishima no Matsuri (a play with dance), Shinagawa Shinju, Ajisama, and Shiba Hama (based on a rakugo work).

Among these, Takiguchi Nyudo, which was adapted, composed, and directed by Wakasanojo, is an epoch-making work, involving a collaboration of four traditional genres: shinnai, Noh, recitation (reading), and puppetry, with background music by traditional musical instruments such as the sho, three types of shamisen, yoko-bue (Japanese transverse flute), shakuhachi (a vertical recorder-like instrument), and tsutsumi (hand-held drums).


Another of Wakasanojo’s collaborative works is his original shinnai setting of Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s short story The Spider’s Thread (1918), with adaptation and composition by Wakasanojo, choreography by Hanayagi Kihi, and puppetry by the Kuruma Ningyo Puppet Troupe. The video has English subtitles.